News: Green waste collection will begin March 16th. Call our office to get your subscription green waste can!

Over 1,600 residents enjoy the Green Waste Program - Get on board today!

Our first year of green waste collections was a huge success. For details about our green waste program, click here or sign up today!

Bulk Trailer Rental Is Back

In addition to Green Yard Waste Trailers, Bulk Waste Trailers are now available.  See the "Trailer Rental" tab.

We received a 95.4% customer satisfaction rating from our residents for 2014. See full summary of results here

Wasatch Front Waste will make every attempt to collect your garbage and recycling unless we cannot get to your home due to snowy or icy roads. If we cannot reach your home because your street is not plowed or it is too icy for our trucks, put your cans out first thing the next day.

Here are some ways you can help us and keep your neighborhood clean:

  • Put your can out in the morning instead of at night when a storm is predicted.
  • On a windy day, turn your can sideways to reduce the chances of it blowing over.
  • Don’t overload your cans especially during storms—the lid should shut to keep snow and rain out.